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Clinical Trials


HMR-1001 is a Phase 1 FDA approved clinical trial that is active but no longer recruiting patients. This trial is evaluating 17 eyes of 17 patients with advanced dry AMD and geographic atrophy. HMR-1001 is currently in the extended follow-up period to evaluate the long-term safety of HMR59. Information on HMR-1001 is available here:

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HMR-1002 is a Phase 1 FDA approved trial for the treatment of 10 patients diagnosed with new onset wet AMD who have never received treatment in the affected eye. HMR-1002 is active and enrolling patients at Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston and Vitreo-Retinal Associates in Worcester, MA. All patients who meet enrollment criteria will be treated with a single injection of an anti-VEGF medication followed 7 days later by an injection of HMR59. Patients will be followed monthly and treated with anti-VEGF injection as needed through month 12. Information on HMR-1002 is available here:

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